Since 2003, providing the finest care, service, and innovation in orthotics and prosthetics has been the philosophy of Orthocare America Inc. With our in office and patient in home appointments we offer incomparable access to our products. Orthocare America's team of orthotic and prosthetic professionals is united in their dedication to improving the lives of our patients. All members of the Orthocare America team are devoted to aiding each individual in rediscovering their independence and achieving their desired level of performance. The pillars: commitment, quality, and care underscore the fundamental distinction between Orthocare America and all other orthotic and prosthetic providers. Extraordinary care is the benchmark of our highly skilled practitioners.

In Home Care

ABC Accredited

American Board Certified and Ohio Licensed Practitioners

More than 30 Years in Orthotics and Prosthetics

Welcome To Orthocare America

More than 10 years of excellence!

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Mission Statement

All those in the employ of Orthocare America endeavor to strive for the following:

... To regard each person with respect, individuality, and confidentiality.

... To provide the most appropriate service within a timely manner.

... to be mindful of safety parameters for the individual in, the service requested, item(s) provided and in the manner fulfilled.

... To put propriety before profit, in services rendered.

... To maintain current knowledge encompassing each member’s profession and/or company responsibilities, through continuing education.